Institute of Population Studies was founded in 1967 to provide education within the field of demography and to conduct surveys analyzing the demographic, social, economic, cultural and medical aspects of population studies.

The activities of the Institute can be classified under three main categories as education, research, and production and dissemination of demographic data and publications.

The Institute is the only academic institution in Turkey providing graduate education in the field of population. The education programs are carried out with a multidisciplinary approach with the awareness of constituting an institution providing degrees in the field of demography. The Master of Arts Programs aim is to provide the persons the capability of using their knowledge with a professional approach and confidence in the field they are employed. The aim of the Doctorate Program is to provide persons the qualifications which will enable them to do inventive academic research in addition to the use of these qualifications in their professions. The education program of the Institute provides the students with education in demography, competent qualifications especially in the subjects of sampling techniques and quantitative analysis.

The Institute has been conducting both national and subnational surveys in collaboration with national and international agencies. Among the surveys with its distinct place, Turkey Demographic and Health Surveys have been carried out since 1968 quinquennially corresponding to intercensal periods. With these surveys, Turkey has obtained data from surveys of 40 years and a database on population and health comparable with international standards.

Relevant, reliable and comparable data/information correcting lack of information provide database and analyses, which enable estimation of rates and indicators that cannot be calculated from vital registers and which offer policy makers conscious policy alternatives. The Institute contributes to development and extension of population studies and serves as a bridge between academic and nonacademic organizations with its demographic studies.

Institute of Population Studies is a member of "European Association for Population Studies (EAPS)".