Documentation Center

General Information H.U. Institute of Population Studies Documentation Center was founded in 1967.
At this Center, all Turkish publications and major foreign publications on population and related areas are gathered and catalogued with a classification system developed specifically for the Center. In March 1999 the documentation Center catalogs have been transferred to electronic environment. There are 7070 books and documents catalogued in the documentation Center. 31 of the documents have microfilms. All M.A. and Ph.D. theses prepared at the Institute of Population Studies are catalogued. All Censuses and Demographic Yearbooks by the Turkish Statistical Institute can be found at the Documentation Center. Among the Periodicals; Studies in Family Planning, Population and Development Review, International Family Planning Perspectives, Population Reports and Bulletin of the World Health Organization arrive at our documentation center free of charge. The Documents of the World Health Organization are arriving since 1996.

WHO (World Health Organization ) Documentation Center

Since August 1996, Hacettepe University Institute of Population Sciences Documentation Center has been serving as WHO Documentation Center as well, according to the protocol between the Institute of Population Sciences and WHO. 450 documents sent by the WHO Regional Office for Europe are available at the Center. Those who wish to obtain more information on WHO can reach the resources they wish at Below are some links from the WHO web page: 
WHOLIS: It is an online WHO database. WHOLIS lists all WHO publications from 1948 up to the present and includes all papers and technical documents produced by WHO from 1985 and onwards. Additionally, the card catalog used in this site allows users to reach technical documents prepared before 1986.

WHODOC: It is a bibliographic database that is updated four times a year that includes the most recent references added to WHOLIS. In this page, you can find bibliographic references, technical documents, political documents, papers in periodicals, documents published by WHO and sources of IARC and CIOMS. Additionally, WHO programs published outside WHO can be found at the WHODOC web page. 

: Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative is an internet service that provides the most recent vital health content and public health information. The service includes more than 2000 scientific publications thus having one of the widest biomedical literature in the world.